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Here, you will find a variety of data science projects that I have been working on along with some info about me.
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  • Coding

Foundations of Analytics

A collection of coding tidbits and experiments in the language of R.

Data Analysis & Visualization

An exploration in processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. We also experiment with regression modeling and hypothesis testing.

Data Mining

We attempt to uncover patterns in data using data mining techniques and processes including classification, association rules, and clustering.

Web Analytics & Mining

We use R to extract and analyze web site metrics, and perform text mining operations including content extraction, string matching, clustering, and classification.

In other news...

Here are some fun facts about me which may be helpful for you to know.

  • Energize.

    When my battery drains and I feel the need to recharge, I visit theme parks! Disney, Universal, or Busch Gardens annual passes, anyone?

  • Think.

    Having a Maths background can probably be most attributed to my love of puzzles. Sudoku, crosswords, and word scrambles are some of my faves.

  • Code.

    I also enjoy coding. Who doesn't love a near real-time actualization and application of one big puzzle?

  • Listen.

    Pop. Dance. International. If it has a great melody and makes me want to move, or even if it just evokes an emotional response, I'll probably really like it.

  • Speak.

    After having learned Latin in high school, I grew to love learning romance languages. I have a basic understanding of Italian and an even smaller one of Spanish, but I still thoroughly enjoy studying them and practice whenever I can.

  • Geek out.

    This may be a given since I enjoy working with data, but I have a thing for technology. I own just about every Apple product and video game system!

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